How come European people are so beautiful?



I am Swedish and we are so beautiful.
I have noticed that Europeans like Swedish people, Italian people, Polish people, Swiss people, Spanish people, Greek people, Russian people and Irish people are so attractive and beautiful when Americans are mostly ugly. Other than some of the celebrities you all don’t seem to be as beautiful as the people I see where I live. And why do you all eat unhealthy and get fat? Here in sweden we all have slender bodies and are healthy, as well as in most of Europe.

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Conceited much….? Yes European people are beautiful but who gives you the right to call everyone else “not as beautiful” or “fat”.

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Answer #2

Good genes, baby!

Answers Answered By: Hk Os 2 [ Grey Star Level]
Answer #3

there are plenty of ugly european people to balance it out too
im polish ukrainian and i can tell yuo i aint no stunner
btw slavic people TEND to be skinny with big noses (noit all, but some, thus proving you wrong)

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is true, but there is some really attractive Yankees too, and some sloppy looking Europeans.
gotta be fair

Answer #5

Spiritually, Europeans lack grace. Physically…thats debatable even. I’d say Vietnamese, South American, and Indian women are much more beautiful than Swedish women–they win beauty contests easily.
Physical traits are temporary and impertinent anyways. Like I said, spiritual/mental aspects of a person is more important.

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Some Europeans are attractive. No doubt about it. They are, however, in general, nowhere near as attractive as Latins so I’d get my face out of the mirror if I were you and take a look at some South Americans. Especially the women. They make European women look like men.

Answers Answered By: tryin4level [ Grey Star Level]
Answer #7

if you’re so beautiful, post a pic.

mmmhmmmm you won’t

Answers Answered By: Tara R [ Grey Star Level]
Answer #8

if you call to be beautiful when you have a big curvy nose that looks like my grandma’s sharp knife as most europeans do have, yes i guess you can call yourself “beautiful”

here is the proof

Answers Answered By: Kimberly.D. [ Grey Star Level]
Answer #9

Well I’m not sure what it’s like where you come from, but arrogance and superficiality is universally unappealing…. Perhaps, if you weren’t so consumed with yourself, and what’s presented on the outside you might realize how disgustingly vain you are…

Answers Answered By: T [ Grey Star Level]
Answer #10

Hey, what about Transylvania girls!!

Answers Answered By: Nirvana Veggie balls [ Grey Star Level]
Answer #11

uhmm…K I am European but when I travel there they are NOT ALL gorgeous. Yeah they have lots of gorgeous people but not all of them are. And people need to stop hating on Americans for the Obesity thing, I mean it is an issue that needs to be worked out clearly but give it up! It is not something to laugh about! Swedish people aren’t anything special, loads of Americans look Swedish. My word child is your head screwed on?

Plus…didn’t Europeans discover America?
Think about it…
Get a brain.

Answers Answered By: Sophie [ Grey Star Level]
Answer #12

You might be better looking; but we smell a whole bunch better. You people don’t seem to know what a shower is.

Answers Answered By: The Pup [ Grey Star Level]
Answer #13

We got better music. All you got is ABBA.

Answers Answered By: Chritting [ Grey Star Level]
Answer #14

LOL if Swedish people are so skinny how come the Swedish government just made a health program to decrease obesity? Looks like your skinny selfimage is cracking.
By the way if Scandinavians are supposedly so beautiful how come Scandinavian beauty magazines always babble about Latina looks and why are we all fake brunettes who desperately try to get as brown as possible with fake tanning? (and don’t believe what you hear – using to low a factor of sun screen does NOT make you look lovely latina just reddish with a rash) I think the general idea is that the grass is greener on the other side: South Europeans want to look more Nordic with fake blonde hair and Scandinavians want to look more Latin with fake tan and hairdye – you just seem to belong to those who think your own grass is greener than anyone elses.
I think you have watched too much Swedish tv, go outside and take a look at real people. You sound like a person who think all Americans must be really gorgeous because you’ve watched a lot of Walt Disney movies.

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Answer #15

Yeah medditraneans may be beautiful but you are nothing special to me. Don’t make other Europeans look bad kthnx.

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Answer #16

Don’t be mad at the poor girl, she’s just upset that her country is going bankrupt after socialized healthcare failed, and wants to feel good about herself.

Swedes are banging hot, and also thanks for all the great swedish hockey players on the Detroit Red Wings. Americans are equally attractive, but when you have 300 million people, the uggos are more obvious.

Why do we eat unhealthy and get fat? That’s a stereotype. See, Americans tend to eat out at restaurants more than Euros. Money determines where you eat, so it’s mostly the lower classes who are heavier because they can’t (in general) afford to eat at places that serve quality food. Contrarily, more affluent people tend to be more active and eat salad, sushi and other lighter food.

Answers Answered By: St Frattys [ Grey Star Level]
Answer #17

i’m europoean and i’m fat and ugly hehehe

Answers Answered By: PorkyPig [ Grey Star Level]

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