Why do people hate others with a different religion?



I looked at some answers in the religion section and i’m kind of hurt at the way people hate other people of different religions. How could people not understand that just because one person of one religion did something wrong that the whole religion is not at fault? Every religion has their good people and bad people. I understand people think differently but that is no reason to say hurtful things. Everyone has the right to follow their own beliefs right?

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you do have a good point, but some people were just raised to be racist towards some cultures and religions and you can’t really change that :-/ its just how they were brought up

Answers Answered By: Mrs. Way [ Grey Star Level]
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Probably because most religions teach that every other religion is wicked and evil.

Answers Answered By: Thor is a loving God Too. [ Grey Star Level]
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We are human… After all.

Answers Answered By: Martin Breen [ Grey Star Level]
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You’d think it should be that way, but in R&S on Yahoo here there seems to be a war going on between Christians and Athiests. While I like to reply to questions of all types (including religion) I do try to not pick a side in this battle. Believe what you want, and I will share what I think too.

Answers Answered By: Dopey Dinosaur [ Grey Star Level]
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F religion I do what I want.

Answers Answered By: The Antithesis [ Grey Star Level]
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believe in God he loves you. if you dont he hates you.

simple as that.

Answers Answered By: JESUS! [ Grey Star Level]
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I honestly wish I could answer this, but first let me tell you what I have noticed on here. There are many people on here who are known as trolls, basically people who will say things just to make people mad and upset. I do agree with you though, sometimes what people say can be very hurtful and it does seem like people can’t accepts others who are different. I agree that people have the right to believe whatever they want. Try not to mind the ignorant trolls on here, they just love to make people upset on purpose.

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I love hating!

Answers Answered By: trollolololol [ Grey Star Level]
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Yeah, it bugs me too. I mean, you don’t even know the person, so why would you hate them? Just let everyone believe what they want in peace.

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their god told them to

Answers Answered By: Paladin [ Grey Star Level]
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everyone believes that they are right and everyone else is wrong. this provokes frustration that the other side, believing the same, will not turn towards the other direction. i like to be polite and i try not to bash at religion, but i sometimes cannot help myself

Answers Answered By: Conquistadora [ Grey Star Level]
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i hate deception (not people who are being deceived)
– i want to help these

though there is one religion right now that is promoting violence
on a global scale (and not i am not speaking of Christianity)

guess again

hint (it’s a “green” lie)


Answers Answered By: Donald [ Grey Star Level]
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because when you believe something is the right thing, then that’s what everything IS to you. everything else is wrong, and if something’s wrong then it should be corrected

Answers Answered By: Fsd [ Grey Star Level]
Answer #14

All dogs go to Heaven? Only those that believe and proclaim the name of Christ will be saved. It is not hate it is eternal love.

Answers Answered By: pjpackers [ Grey Star Level]
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It’s not all people. From every religion, race and culture there is good people and bad people. There’s always going to be people who judge (even if their religion tells them not to) and there’s always going to be people who are going to be rude. It’s just something you have to accept.

Answers Answered By: Crysta Rose [ Grey Star Level]
Answer #16

yup you are right…. shame that people , of all walks of life, make excuses for what they do, say and or believe…. I make no excuses, I know who and what I am… I don’t agree with a LOT of things people say in here, and I will tell them that…. But I *try* to just answer and not show anything other than what I believe , think etc…. When ask, I will tell….

When I answer I am NOT putting down a whole group, I am simply answering… I don’t hate anyone….. Hate is a wasted emotion… does NO good at all……

and like some have already stated, there are trolls in here, that just LOVE to get us all stirred up….. and if you are new here and do not realize what they are doing, you play right into their hands and start a mini war …..

and if you call some one out for their uncalled for mockery, boy howdy….. get ready to either run, walk backwards or be blocked….. Never disagree with them….. and yes I do use sarcasm in some cases and in some a very dry sense of humor, which MOST just do not get…. *sigh*…..

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Not every one does…. I don’t.

I hate the religions which lead people away from God, but I do NOT hate the PEOPLE.

You are very correct when you say that everyone has the right to follow their own beliefs, however that does not necessarily mean that their beliefs are the correct ones. And you also must not interpret someone saying this to another as being hateful. That is, if I said to you, “You have rejected God, and because you have, you will spend your eternity away from His Presence, which means in hell,” it is not a hateful thing to say but rather truthful. It would be the same as if I said to you, “If you choose to not wear a seatbelt, then you are more likely to be killed in a car accident.”

I do find truly hateful comments on “all” sides of the issue, and it is a passionate issue for most of us. I do wish everyone would at least keep a civil tongue about things, but sadly, we are ALL sinners, and sometimes people just “lose it.”

Forgive others as I have forgiven you.
I’m not here to win a popularity contest, but to witness to and speak the TRUTH.

Answers Answered By: scourged4u [ Grey Star Level]
Answer #18

People often fight over differing beliefs in passionate subjects, religion being one of them.

Answers Answered By: Endorse Freedom [ Grey Star Level]
Answer #19

yes,it is!

Answers Answered By: admin [ Grey Star Level]

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